It is very sickening the way Nigerian bloggers carry on as if they have the whole world at their feet. Not all Nigerian bloggers, but a uppity few who have made fame and fortune from blogging, and have let all that get to their head. They feel they are too high up on the social media food chain to care about those at the lower strata. They hold their parochial world in fiefdom, lording it over us zombies.

They no longer remember you as a chat mate of those early days of tweeting and facebooking. They find no cause to reply your messages. When they care to give you any attention they spill their spleen on their status updates about friends clogging their inboxes with all sorts of unsolicited messages. They don’t respond anymore when you tag them to a note. They manage to send you expletive dotted message to stop tagging them to your stupid notes. When you add them to a group, oh how they curse you silly for taking such liberties. They delete your arse if you dare try to reason with them. They have more friends and followers than they care to know. They are famous, and if you’re not Barack Obama, Donald Thrump, or Steve Jobs come back from the dead, you’d better go down wind. You would think they have Mark Zuckerberg eating out of their hands, you would think they just aquired Google and Yahoo, and Microsoft the way they strut their stuff- these “famous my arse” Nigerian Bloggers. They don’t seem to need anybody, but the whole world need them.

The foregoing does not come to me as surprise. It is The Nigerian Syndrome. Popularity breeds fame, fame breeds certain measure of power, and power corrupts. I have since stopped following many of these morons. They have nothing to offer anybody. They have great popular following is what keeps them up there. But there are others who still manage a kind word to individuals and groups in their network.

This is salute to you Myne Whitman of Naijastories.com; Pa Ikhide R. Ikheloa of Xokigbo.worpress.com; Tosin Otitoju of realbubbler.blogspot.com; Linda Ikeji of Lindaikeji.com; Bola Essien-Nelson of thediaryofadeparatenaijawoman; Umari Ayim of Umariayim.com; Chuma Nwokolo of African-Writing. To name but few good ones I really respect.

And one word to the others with bloated egos “Be kind to those you meet on your way up, as you will meet them again on your way down. And certainly, no matter how high your head is in the clouds, you will come down some day”. Even if I’ve not stopped following your blog, you have lost my respect, you fucking-shit-talking-ass.



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