I was looking for a quick fix, and I found plenty here.


If you have a great appetite for minced words, you will find very little here- FOR DAYS AND A NIGHT.

The author’s brilliance shows in this work. Although every single story appears like the first chapter of abandoned full lenght novel projects. You cannot doubt that the book has great potentials for riveting reading feasts. I finished it in one and a half sitting, myself.

The stories go straight to the point without being boring. They have moral leasons to teach without being preachy. There is absolutely not much that could be described as pretentious or contrived. It is a work of pure genius- evidently, because the writer is sheerly experimenting with stylistics. The author could teach a creative writing class someday, that is if he hone this craft to some finer points.

For those blighted with short-attention-span-malady in things literature, this book will hold them spellbound. At every turn of the page lurks a pleasant surprise. There’s something for everyone- even if you were a cynical critic.

Everyone, from every ilk will find mirror images of themselves in the stories contained in FOR DAYS AND A NIGHT. There is little to quarrel with, in this book. It is a kinda book that would take the bread out of the critics’ mouth, wile giving much to chew. I will hate this work if I was a cynical critic.

As a writer, myself,  I envy the author’s success though. I guess I don’t envy him much to be cynical- that’s a lucky break. I will get him the next time he shows off like he did in this book.

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