Power- staying power- is nothing, control is everything.

I thought to stop just before I come, but I drove past the spot. However, I still did not lose control. I was really hitting the G-spot that to stop before she comes would have been a sin. My probing shaft lost some of its stiffness at intervals, but her non-stop squirming and gyrating were giving me the impetus to go on. I kept ramming, and grinding at her till my prick become turgid and throbbing again. With regained power, the cock wouls be pecking and exploring her deep mine of molten gold.

slow-long-srokes, deep-driving-probes- Big Deu’s song was playing on the repeat inside the back of my head:

“I like the way you do me, girl
So nicely
I like the way you do me, girl
So nicely

Roll am
Make you roll am for me
So nicely

Shake am
Make you shake am for me
So nicely…”

She kept winding her waist, and thrusting her pubis back at me. Her pleasurable whimpering and ecstasy moan were almost making me lose the control I was maintaining.

During foreplay I slowed down when she urged me to go faster with the caressing and kissing. I go faster when she’d rather I slowed down with the licking and sucking. She could have been one big warm chocolate bar, or a huge cool candy floss, but she was melting under my touch and tongue like vanilla ice cream. Sweet heavens, her coochie could have been an over-ripe cherry, for all that nectar oozing out, and the sweetness of it.

…So nicely…

Twelve months a celibate was paying off nicely. I had this confidence that I am still the master of the art- I invented sex- hot sizzling sex.

We had it on the hard tiled floor. We went on our knees, playing doggy. My knees hurt (sweetly). I had her off the floor and onto the desk. With her legs on my shoulder, sometimes held back against her bouncing breasts; her butt at the edge (she is a big arse woman) and me standing erect almost on tip toe. The height of the desk was just right, we couldn’t have asked for anything higher or lower. Although, I had to go tip-toe to compensate for a few disadvantageous difference in height between the desk’s top and my waistline. The tip toe mode only added to my deeper reach because I was also leaning into her, balancing my weight with my knuckles on the desk.

WARNING: Please don’t try this at home, office like I did, or school, unless you are en-spused to your sex partner. It is too good a sex to waste on a mere fling.

When I come, I collapsed into her, drowning with her in the profusion of our sweats.
I took charge, and regained control with my hands. The right hand was strumming her nutty nipples. The middle finger of my left hand finished her off by driving into her, nudging her over the peak, and tumbling her into heaven. Then I smoldered her joyous cry of fulfillment with deep soul-reaching kisses.

To cut a sweet long story short. It was the greatest sex I never had since twelve months of abstaining. It was worth the wait.

“I like the way you do me, girl
So nicely
I like the way you do me, girl
So nicely…”



If you have been thinking about penis enlargement, this article is for you. You really have to think critically if you’re thinking to enlarge your penis more than it already is. “The larger a man’s dick, the smaller his thinking”, says the latest research finding about the size of the dick and a man’s thinking faculty.

There is definitely a connection between the brain and the phallus. It could not have come to us by chance that as the size of a man’s prick increases (during erection, for instance) his rationality decreases. The blood, together with his senses, drain from his head to fill up the void created by the ballooning of his manly shaft. Now, whatever takes blood away from your head is not a good thing. You need blood in your head to think, because blood carry oxygen to the brain, and without oxygen, your brain cells wither and die. And you know what follows when your brain dies- you are as dead as a lame dick. So, Do not do penis enlargement, unless you really have no use for your brains or critical thinking.

Does it surprise you that the race of men who rule the world of politics, economics, science and technology are the race of men with pin-size dicks- yes, we are talking about the Hitlers, Bonaparte, Oyedepos, Einstein, Jobbs, Asians and women. Yes, Asians and women have small dicks- and I am not so sure if Einstein and Jobb has any dick to flaunt. Why else, do you think, Africans, especially West Africans, for their natural phallic endowments, reason and act in brute terms like horses, mules, and sometime jackasses? It is the huge dicks and small minds.

It is self-evident that men’s acumen to reason critically reduces with the increased sizes of the penis. Please note that during erection the size of the penis becomes greater than the size of the medula oblongata. Scientists are currently working to expand this hypothesis into a theory. And as soon as they are done, children will be reading it in textbooks, and Sunday School manuals.

It is also a known fact that women have the littlest penises in the world. A woman, no matter her psychological configuration, can twist any man- I mean any sane man- around her little finger, as much as the man keep coming- Try Eve, Delilah and Jezebel; women are wiser than men, and this is so because they have smaller penises than men. Asians, on the other hand, are doing better than West Africans in technological advancement, because Asian men have penises the size of a new-born African male.

So don’t do it, brotha, especially if you are African like I am. No matter WHAT if you need bogus dick to fill the hoe’s hole; no matter HOW desperate you are to feel like a true stud, no matter WHO the expert is, even if it is Dr. 90210; just don’t do penis enlargement. It takes your brain cell to boost your dick size.

A man hung like a horse actually thinks like one. And with that, I hope I have been able to convince you, dick-heads, that the larger penis only make yahoo of men.”Big penis, small brain”, let that be your watchword. Thank you.


“I feel like doing something really crazy, like… having sex on the Beach with you…” says She to me. I spared that suggestion just a micro second, before I replied: ” Me, I want to do crazier things with you than you can imagine”. My imagination shifted into an overdrive mode as I say that. Still images and motion pictures deserving of Oscars, if the day ever comes when pornography wins the award, played through my mind in a crazy-fast reel. The discomfiting bulge of rising turg in My DownThere reminded, me like an emergency alarm, of how long is too long in 12 months of playing celibate.

Define horny again for me. But she had to douse the rising inferno in my core, and put a “stop it!” sign on my re-energized zeal to pick up from where I left off sowing my wild oats. Her next reply did it for me.

She asked: “crazier things like what…?” My on-rushing testosterone screeched to a rubber-burning halt. Logic relocated back to my head, away from my groin. The logicality of rational-thinking hedged out the irrational propensity to think only in erotic symbols. The bubble burst and the cloud cleared as I analyzed the purport of her last reply. And that was only one part of her very emasculating question; the other part went thus: “…having sex while diving from the top of Mount Everest?”

I have never, since my born-day, been to any mountain greater that the breast of a woman. A beach, I am familiar with, having sex on one, even if it is the over-crowded Bar Beach of Lagos, is imaginable. But Everest? Isn’t that more Geography than Anatomy? Anatomy, I know, but wetin concern Geography with getting laid? No go there o! unless na story You dey find.

But, on a saner note, Bungee Sex could be worth exploring o! One may Just discover a fourth dimension to sex, and extreme sports, abi?