Power- staying power- is nothing, control is everything.

I thought to stop just before I come, but I drove past the spot. However, I still did not lose control. I was really hitting the G-spot that to stop before she comes would have been a sin. My probing shaft lost some of its stiffness at intervals, but her non-stop squirming and gyrating were giving me the impetus to go on. I kept ramming, and grinding at her till my prick become turgid and throbbing again. With regained power, the cock wouls be pecking and exploring her deep mine of molten gold.

slow-long-srokes, deep-driving-probes- Big Deu’s song was playing on the repeat inside the back of my head:

“I like the way you do me, girl
So nicely
I like the way you do me, girl
So nicely

Roll am
Make you roll am for me
So nicely

Shake am
Make you shake am for me
So nicely…”

She kept winding her waist, and thrusting her pubis back at me. Her pleasurable whimpering and ecstasy moan were almost making me lose the control I was maintaining.

During foreplay I slowed down when she urged me to go faster with the caressing and kissing. I go faster when she’d rather I slowed down with the licking and sucking. She could have been one big warm chocolate bar, or a huge cool candy floss, but she was melting under my touch and tongue like vanilla ice cream. Sweet heavens, her coochie could have been an over-ripe cherry, for all that nectar oozing out, and the sweetness of it.

…So nicely…

Twelve months a celibate was paying off nicely. I had this confidence that I am still the master of the art- I invented sex- hot sizzling sex.

We had it on the hard tiled floor. We went on our knees, playing doggy. My knees hurt (sweetly). I had her off the floor and onto the desk. With her legs on my shoulder, sometimes held back against her bouncing breasts; her butt at the edge (she is a big arse woman) and me standing erect almost on tip toe. The height of the desk was just right, we couldn’t have asked for anything higher or lower. Although, I had to go tip-toe to compensate for a few disadvantageous difference in height between the desk’s top and my waistline. The tip toe mode only added to my deeper reach because I was also leaning into her, balancing my weight with my knuckles on the desk.

WARNING: Please don’t try this at home, office like I did, or school, unless you are en-spused to your sex partner. It is too good a sex to waste on a mere fling.

When I come, I collapsed into her, drowning with her in the profusion of our sweats.
I took charge, and regained control with my hands. The right hand was strumming her nutty nipples. The middle finger of my left hand finished her off by driving into her, nudging her over the peak, and tumbling her into heaven. Then I smoldered her joyous cry of fulfillment with deep soul-reaching kisses.

To cut a sweet long story short. It was the greatest sex I never had since twelve months of abstaining. It was worth the wait.

“I like the way you do me, girl
So nicely
I like the way you do me, girl
So nicely…”

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