If you have been thinking about penis enlargement, this article is for you. You really have to think critically if you’re thinking to enlarge your penis more than it already is. “The larger a man’s dick, the smaller his thinking”, says the latest research finding about the size of the dick and a man’s thinking faculty.

There is definitely a connection between the brain and the phallus. It could not have come to us by chance that as the size of a man’s prick increases (during erection, for instance) his rationality decreases. The blood, together with his senses, drain from his head to fill up the void created by the ballooning of his manly shaft. Now, whatever takes blood away from your head is not a good thing. You need blood in your head to think, because blood carry oxygen to the brain, and without oxygen, your brain cells wither and die. And you know what follows when your brain dies- you are as dead as a lame dick. So, Do not do penis enlargement, unless you really have no use for your brains or critical thinking.

Does it surprise you that the race of men who rule the world of politics, economics, science and technology are the race of men with pin-size dicks- yes, we are talking about the Hitlers, Bonaparte, Oyedepos, Einstein, Jobbs, Asians and women. Yes, Asians and women have small dicks- and I am not so sure if Einstein and Jobb has any dick to flaunt. Why else, do you think, Africans, especially West Africans, for their natural phallic endowments, reason and act in brute terms like horses, mules, and sometime jackasses? It is the huge dicks and small minds.

It is self-evident that men’s acumen to reason critically reduces with the increased sizes of the penis. Please note that during erection the size of the penis becomes greater than the size of the medula oblongata. Scientists are currently working to expand this hypothesis into a theory. And as soon as they are done, children will be reading it in textbooks, and Sunday School manuals.

It is also a known fact that women have the littlest penises in the world. A woman, no matter her psychological configuration, can twist any man- I mean any sane man- around her little finger, as much as the man keep coming- Try Eve, Delilah and Jezebel; women are wiser than men, and this is so because they have smaller penises than men. Asians, on the other hand, are doing better than West Africans in technological advancement, because Asian men have penises the size of a new-born African male.

So don’t do it, brotha, especially if you are African like I am. No matter WHAT if you need bogus dick to fill the hoe’s hole; no matter HOW desperate you are to feel like a true stud, no matter WHO the expert is, even if it is Dr. 90210; just don’t do penis enlargement. It takes your brain cell to boost your dick size.

A man hung like a horse actually thinks like one. And with that, I hope I have been able to convince you, dick-heads, that the larger penis only make yahoo of men.”Big penis, small brain”, let that be your watchword. Thank you.


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