What’s the most stupid thing you ever did? I just did one of the stupidest acts of my 3 decades of life a few minutes back.

I had a energy drink this afternoon while chasing a 50,000 words story. A few minutes ago, I discovered the can still standing upright on my desk. I grabbed it- it felt cool to the touch- I lifted it- it felt empty, but- buffoon me- I raised it to my lips, up-ending it to drain whatever liquid content might still be in the 200 ml can, lo! I got my mouth full with ants. Consternation ANTS!

I Sputtered like I will drop dead if I don’t get the- “blistering barnacles” out of my mouth. I squeezed the hell out of the can (something wey I for done do iniatially) I huffed, and puffed, and hauk and spat. But my throat still crawled with the vermins. So I kept hauking and spitting, and huffing and puffing, blowing my cool.

I have a allergy for ants (the kind of ants that visit sugar and sugary foods and drinks. By this time tomorrow, I will be attacked by feats of coughs. To think I was just recovering from a flu-initiated cough.

WARNING: think and look well, well before you do your next stupid act. If you think God isn’t watching you, nemesis will catch up with you. Again, if you be the type of big brother, or auntie wey dey discipline children for such stupidity, desist. There is a child in all of us. We are all culpable to childish stupidity.

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