Now we have evolved to doing The Azonto in church. It is remarkable. In my Church, we have really come a long way as a parish. I can recall in glaring details those days when we used to dig Odogwu in Church. In those days, at our St Patrick’s out-station of St Andrew’s, we would always find excuse to strap-on or lace-up our dancing shoes or sandals, and really jiggy-jiggy to sounds of instruments-vocal blend of rapturous music. Sometimes, hymns veer out of chord and take on the notes of wild unrestrained jubilation, as the spirit leads. Oh, how much the spirits led us in those days. Now, we are a parish in our own right and everything is sublimely distilled into Azonto.

We did not just up and jump from digging Odogwu onto doing The Azonto without some evolutionary gravitation. We got to The Azonto in stages and phases, much like the life cycle of a mosquito or butterfly. We were digging Makosa- Holy Makosa- at a time. In those days, when we broke away as St Andrew’s, a new Parish independent from St Patrick’s we were at liberty to factor in on trends. We even composed our holy brand of Awilo Longoba, (perfect music for the Makosa). In those days, everyone from the clergy to the laity would factor into the Spirit-of-David Mode, and wiggle well-well to Makosa rhythms. If you were worshipping with us and you don’t do the Makosa, the penitent would distance you, for you may be possessed of the Devil. Those who were more proficient in stepping in the name of the lord were thought of to be the holiest of the holies. Well, I managed to maintain my holiness until Yahooze came along. Now it is Azonto.

Yahooze was the dance of the blessed. The blessed were parishioners wey “don hammer”, especially those ridding in a Hummer. Everyone have the faith of “soon-to-hammer”, because the priest would always prophesy during offering collection that “by this time next year, you will be ridding in your own Hummers” and everyone would be seized in a holy ghost-induce feverish fervour and scream “AMEN!” In those days, you were shut out as a Oh-Ye-Of-Little-Faith” if you won’t dance the Yahooze step. At St. Andrew’s, we danced Yahooze to every sound of music, even the militant marching hymn of “Onward Christian Soldier”. But here we are, who would have thought that we would here, doing our Azonto.

We have come a long way, the African Church. Although, still tightly secured to the apron-strings of the Mother Church in Rome- The Vatican- I am sure they don’t dance in St Peter’s Square. Maybe they do it in the same crypt were they hide the codex and every other thing independent, Free, and True.

Dance- any form- sublime, or wild and free is very much the expression of our essence and Liberty as Brave and Free and illuminated. I have been to the Osun Oshogbo Festival in the West of Nigeria, and I saw the Dance of The illuminated. I have been to a Iri Igi in the East and I saw the Dance of the Brave; I have witnessed, also, the Dance of the Free at the Argungu Festival up North of the Country; Down her in the South of this great country, the tribes do the steps that showcase the craftmastership of Our Maker.

We are all God’s Children, we the African church, for we are in Christ, and in Christ there is liberty. Maybe my superstar brother D’Banj will come up with the next dance step with his trending Top Of The World track

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