Lagos is ripe for the Sodom-And-Gomorah treatment.

There is a haze of dry dust-ladden air over The Dung Hill of a Mega City- Lagos. The bone-marrow-sucking weather condition just wanna send me to the bottom of the wine bottle, but I besting it, weathering the storm with droughts upon endless droughts of black tea.

We thank The Good Lord for fortitude to carry through. The other day’s binging with my chum, Tari Just Back From The Yookay, was a crazy-ass revel. I tell you a truth, it was Golden-Bowl Cracking Crazy. I don’t wanna go down that broadway no more. Madames et Monsieurs. Its timeout from the barrel’s bottom for yours soberly.

A boozhead should quit when he’s ahead; he should have the sense to refrain when the hug of the bottle becomes too comfy, and the kiss of the rouge spirit too sweet, and the muse yanking too hard at his heartstrings. I am a winer, but I quit. I am going Tea-Total. All other vices (the world call them vices, but they are the virtues of the Titans of Mount Olympus) Women and Songs remains irresolute. Amen. Come Lord Jesus.

My friend, Ifeanyinchukwu, sighing, bluntly postulated that “On the most clement of days, breathing clean air inside the APM Terminals, Apapa, is such a big effort… but, on such an atypical day as this, no thanks to the crispy dry atmosphere and the smoke spitting trailers, one is acutely reminded of how squarely the mere existence of man depends on every single drawn breath; dusty, smoky, dry and all. The lungs do not discriminate. I hope!”.

I heaved a sigh too and replied:

“The Lagos port is a worse place to be without breathing aparatuses.” And we both heaved a sigh of resignation, and let the matter drop.

There is no day I don’t go to the warf at Apapa and don’t get a dry-throaty cough and nose feeling like I got bales of wool stuffed in there, the next morning. I wonder how folk make their living out there at the Apapa Warf. And you find folks fucking, smoking, sniffing, drinking all manner of stuff in that life-shortening atmosphere of Apapa. You would think that a Oil City like Warri should be worse for pollution, but no, apart from the constant discordant dim, Warri is a much more healthier environment than Apapa-Lagos.

The Almighty (Allah SWOT) should scrap the whole creation and re-creation project and bring an end to this polluted world, starting from Lagos port Terminals, especially Apapa. Okay, the crappy whole wide world don’t have to go into the divine bin, such Cities Warri, Calabar, and Good Old Port Harcourt should be spared to clone a new and better world for humans, and Women. Come Lord Jesus.

Lagos is ripe for the Sodom-And Gomorah treatment. The earth, air, sky and sea of this fine city is a blessing to mankind. Unfortunately, the fifth element, being the human factor is a scourge upon the face of this earth. Lagos is polluted with, and by humans;

Their heedless activities of degrading The Creator’s masterpiece, the abuse of all things bright and beautiful, and the fetid and contaminated air they breathe out of the rotten lungs as the go about destroying everything God has made well is an aberration of the ideal of “Noble”. God’s effort has been frustrated, and so in his divine anger, let the apocalypses begin, with Nemesis preceding the terrible Four Horsemen. But that is not going to happen today, today being Friday, is a Holy Day in Lagos. Thank God it’s Friday.

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