What is virginity really? Is it one of those developmental stage of the human species? yes, it is? I think so too. The sooner you are done with your development stages- from infancy to grown-uphood, the better you are developing. Carrying forward your virginity to wedding night (and the bed unsoiled crap) is bullsh!t.

I can’t even remember when I lost mine- did I really lost a thing by losing my virginity? No sire, I didn’t. Many a woman have jumped over the broom without their infancy or adolescence or virginity and they live happily ever after- only Cinderella, Rapunzel, snow White etc. Have ever been carried over the threshold intact, and they were figment of some loon’s wayward imaginations.

Many of us real people lost our virginity to sports- depends on what sports you do. All those world record-making world records record-breaking feat of the last olympics, were they achieved by keeping the knees together? or by wearing iron pants? I guess not.

Therefore brethren, I beseech thee by the mercies of the Good Man upstairs, to not place such unwieldly burden as virginity on one another, and let us, homo sapiens, go on to the next stage of our evolution without mitigation.


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