I am convinced that if I should go blind or deaf now, I will still be able to navigate my way around the rowdy city of Lagos. I will know beyond reason, when the light turns green, or when it is red; I will know when I am about to be hit by a reckless Okada and jump- left or right- out of its way in time; I will know when I am about to fall into a gutter, and “jump am pass”. The thing is called INTUITION. And we all have it. I have gained plenty of it.

If mobile technology has done anything for mankind it is navigational ability. But I need no gadgetry for my own navigation; mine is innate. I have developed it. Thanks to Blackberry. My fingers are always flickering around and over the keys and buttons of my Blackberry device- either chatting, blogging, surfing the net or writing on the notepad- my eye are always locked on the screen of the thing. I barely take my mind off it, and I could be that way for hours on end. I do this even on the road or while walking along the busy streets. It has become an habit- a good one. My folks think it is a bad habit that must he broken, but nothing anyone has done to change me has worked. They think I might be possessed. I am not possesses, I am just gifted, that’s what. For many years now, doing this, I am yet to get hit by an Okada, or fall into a ditch for minding my Blackberry and not looking out.

I have become a hybrid of sheer animal instinct and human intuition. Whatever evil mobile internet has brought upon mankind, developing the human perceptiveness is not one of them. I and, indeed all gadget geeks, have become better humans. I know many of you smart ass, will pooh pooh on this, but the fact cannot be undermined that the race of Superman- the Superman Frederich Nietzsche spake about is here. And we are it. The tag is on you.


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