Evbodaghe and I were just hired labours. I was the better looking guy, thoug he was more muscular but that shouldn’t make the ladies like him better than me. Evbodaghe was my close pal, but I disliked him for his slothfulness. He wasn’t really any lazier than I was, but he was wont to forego work for play when the girls are around. There was this particular incidence that made me part ways with Evbodaghe: the ladies were paying the idiot more attention than they were paying me.

My friend and I have been assigned to the shitty task of mixing manure with top soil, along with two girls whose task was stuffing the mixture into nursery bags and planting in the oil palm seedlings. On that fateful day, Evbodaghe abandon our task of shoveling shit and was frolicking with the girls, giving them a hand with their own task of stuff the nursery bags with manure and dirt mix, poking a hole in top middle of the bagged mixture and stuffing in a palm seedling. I wouldn’t have given a fuck if they were fucking on the job, but I was peeved because Chiwendo, one of the girls who I had been secretly admiring, was paying Evbodaghe far too much attention for my convenience and peace of mind. Chiwendo was delibrately letting her skirt ride up her thighs to let my friend feed his lusty eyes on whatever she got between the thighs.

The annoying part was that Evbodaghe was not looking away as expected of a gentleman; he was ogling and sloberring. He wasn’t even doing a good job of stuffing the nursery bags with the manure and dirt I was labourously throwing their way. He was absent-mindedly poking, and poking, and forever poking his forefinger into a nursery bag half-filled nursery bag like an automaton. The other girl, Sharon, was ceaselessly talking some nonsense things that must have sounded very sweet to him that made him poked faster and faster. I was mad, red hot mad. So hot I could have blown a fuse, at all that drama unfolding in front of me.

Each time I straightened up from the back-breaking task of shovelling shit and dirt, to look their way, Sharon would stop talking, Chiwendo would let the helm of her skirt drop to her knees. Each time this occurred, and that’s very frequently, I got angrier, madder and hotter- I was murderously peeved. I could have chopped off the heads of all three of the slothful bastards with one swing of my shovel. I would’ve taken off Evbodaghe’s head first; Chiwendu, second and Sharon third and last. I would have spat down Sharon’s throat, stuffed manure down Evbodaghe’s throat and jack off on Chiwendu’s throat. In my mind I had dared Chiwendu to annoyingly drop her skirt on my view one more time and they will all three feel the heat of my wrath. I was just straightening up from the killing shitty task to try and catch a glimpse of what viewing pleasure Chiwendo was denying me and allowing my friend Evbodaghe freely, when the overseer suddenly appeared and barked at me “get to work, you fucking sluggard…”. Then I saw that the tractor had already brought in more Manure, and was already unloading them onto the unfinished heap I was mixing with dirt, and I was already neck-deep in shit.

At the end of that day, I got half the regular wage, because I did not meet my target of shoveling and mixing enough manure and dirt. Evbodaghe and the girls got full pay. I have still not forgiven my friend Evbodaghe till this day. I have forgotten about Chiwendo, because I hated her after that incidence. As for Sharon, well I don’t really care for her even though she was made my overseer.

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