Is anybody else using MTN? I am just about to dump their ass. I have not had a appreciable connection for the past 12 hours. And this has been going on everyday for a ughhhh time now. Take 12 hours out of man’s day, 7 days a week, what’s left of his life?

With MTN, life these days have become nasty, brutish and short. I am just about done with their fuck ups. They can’t keep stealing my time, my money and my life.

How much bullshit can you take from your preferred mobile network ISP? I can take a lot, and have taken more than I really can now. This is the time a man must speak up or roast in hell, in the face ICT injustice. While Uncle (Peeping) Tom will not let us be, ISPs won’t let go of their hold on our balls. It’s killing. Or is it just me?

They are fucking leeches. These so-called service providers. You can’t even rouse their lying customer service these days. All you get is computerised voice response on the repeat, and a playlist designed to put you off their ass. They’re fucked up. They could as well pack up and leave. Life was much better in the days when a man can put his money where his mouth is, and can be sure of where it’s gone.

Besides making my life nasty, brutish and shortening, these people have made it a daily gamble. This is not fair. I like to get good value for my hard-earned money. What gun they put to my head, I don’t know, but I always come back to empty my wallet into the leacky pockets of these thieving rogues. Shame on me: I never wise up to the tricks of the scammers.

And I was blaming my mother the other day, for folding her SIM card in two and chucking them at the bottom of the trash bin with the rotten vegetables. I thought it was a silly thing to do. It may not look wise, but it is a brave thing to do. I am just being cowardly, sucked in by their frivolous promises of win this, win that by using their network. Now I am just about to lose my cool as well as my time and money.

If you’re still using MTN for BIS, then your either a throwback or your plain dumb. They’re the worst providers in mobile internet. They seem to have no apology for this short coming, is why nothing is being done to redress the plight of their Nigerian subscribers whom they’ve been ripping off.

You spend hours on end accessing a webpage when you could have done so in matter of seconds with Airtel, Etisalat, even Globacom. MTN is still deluding itself thinking it is the best thing to have happened to Nigeria in terms of mobile telecommunication that they have us all eating out of their dirty dealing hands. If you’re still using MTN, then I sorry sorry for you. I am opting out, so should you. Thank goodness for alternatives. We can do without MTN.

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  1. MTN is virtually non-existent in my house now. And it is the main line people know me with. Now here is the paradox: I rarely load my MTN these days because of the crappy network, but I now have to load my Glo more because I usually have to call people back with the Glo when they call my MTN and can’t hear me. Of course, they won’t call my Glo. Cos almost everyone uses MTN.


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