I said “don’t look! please don’t look!” But he did. I knew he was going to look. My affected high pitch female voice did the trick. This was in the men’s room at the Genesis Cinema. The 122 minutes Movie THINK LIKE A MAN had just ended and I was relieving myself in the men’s urinal. A 30ish looking well-built, brotha got beside me to use the next available urinal. And he fell into my game trap.

Men don’t really care about the size of other men’s dick unless they are sure the other man is lesser endowed. Or they were something else- like gay. I got a dick most men will kill to have, and I like to flaunt and show it off. But getting brothas to gawk at, and feel envious of my natural endowment is so hard. So I devised the private game to get attention.

I had dumped the rest of my popcorn in the trash bin. To pull off this punk. Believe you me, that was a waste of good stuff, but it was well worth it. I have been chomping on them popcorn all through and after the movie. It was the most excellent popcorn you can find in any cinema around Lagos, and it was so much for so little. But it had to go so to free my hands to pull that stunt.

I got the brotha to see what I got. By merely affecting a female voice while standing to take a leak (someone told me that all sistas squat to pee) I really don’t know the psychology of why my game worked with that brotha, I just know the feminine voice I affected got the his attention. Maybe he didn’t wonder what a female might have been doing standing up to take a leak, in a men’s room; perhaps it was the impetus to see what the “female” has got in her pants to be peeing into a men’s urinal standing up. Again, I guess he only looked to confirmed to himself that I wasn’t jacking off if he knew right away I was male.

I am going to get that dude, Steve Harvey for laying it on like that, and blowing our cover. You should see how he done turn them ladies against us with that, so called romantic comedy of a movie. Now we got little to hide. Women now think they got balls, having been embolden by THINK LIKE A MAN. I recommend this movie for brothas, but for Sistas? no-no! Na see finish.

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  1. Haha…you think the movie blew you guys’ cover, then you need to read the book. Now that’s some serious enlightenment! Sorry, bro. Mr Harvey is the man! Lol.


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