About Women: The Pope lied. For the thing I saw in her eyes, every Chauvinist pig should be drowned. Napoleon Bonaparte was wrong to say that the woman’s intelligence is only fit for needle work. The sublime look in her wise eyes was far too valuable for needle work, or any such domestic roles as tending cinders, or playing the Man’s sex object, or punching bag. I have seen Sophia on more than one occasion- mostly nights, when Charley- my roomy- had to smuggle her in through the back door of Bethel- our hostel. What I made of her was no more than the husky voice, and remarkable diction. I had seen her heart-shaped face too, but not beyond that beak nose and the sensuous mouth that promised great passion. I had not had the chance to make out the shape of things swimming in the depth of those dreamy eyes, with the fluttering eyelashes that always send my purse racing to the high heavens. I have seen her in the nude – Charley had shown me nude pictures of her (in those cavalier days as students at Ambrose Alli University, we boys kept very few secrets among us) and I know what I’m talking about when I say “she’s is Venus in flesh”. Believe me I would’ve gladly given my balls to have a suckle at those voluptuous boobs of Sophia.

Seeing Sophia that day in the full glare of God’s own day light, as I ran into her at Shiloh 2011, she appeared something more than the whore I had taken her for all those years. I really don’t subscribe to the term “whore” to describe any woman, but for want of a globally accepted nomenclature, whore was befitting. The point I am driving at here is that it is an aberration to measure any woman by any standard or measure that is less than perfect. Every Woman wonderfully and perfectly made. Sophia is a perfect woman: no less perfect a woman than Mary Magdalene, The Lord’s Beloved, or the Woman at the well. It is Man, who has made himself the measure of all things, who rate the woman lower than the angels. Peter (the first pope) and Judas were envious of that Sweet Woman Mary Magdalene whom Jesus fell in love with, and they tagged her “whore” to discredit her for their own ego schemes. She may have been a whore, but it was her testimony that established the Christian faith. In fact the whole of Christianity owe a lot to whores. If you remember you Sunday School Lessons: the great Grand Mothers of Our Lord were whores: Ruth, Bathsheba all the way back to Eve.

I hate that Word Whore. No woman should be called a Whore, because I Love Women, and Jesus Love them too. There is this aura of divinity that surrounds every Woman, or is it just me and Jesus? I can never regard a Woman- I mean, a Woman- without this great sense of awesome wonder enveloping me. This enraptured feeling, I cannot seem to be able to find pure language to describe it. It is hard to communicate it in mundane language. Perhaps, poetry will suffice:


Okay, I know the brothas will crucify me for this, but I’ll rather not deny the way, the truth and the life I feel about the Woman. Yes, even my Mother who conceived me in sin is Gold. You can take that away with you. Mother is Gold, and Every Woman is Mother, from Eve to Bathsheba and Mary the whore and The Lord’s girlfriend.

“That which is born of water is water, and that which is born of spirit is spirit” one look in the woman’s eye is all a man needs to be born again. Except a man be thus born again, he may never see or enter the kingdom of God. One look into the eyes of Sophia was all it took to strip away my garment of ignorance. Do you still wonder why the sage say “the eye don’t lie”? If you will know the woman’s worth; if you will know her essence; if you will acquaint yourself with wisdom look deep in the eyes of the Sophia Woman. It is a wise thing to do, I tell you.

The essence I saw in Sophia eyes that made me exalt her, was the same power that caught Suleyman’s fancy and made him spare The Hagia Sophia as his rampaging conquering Ottoman army raped and sacked the city of Istanbul in 1453. Only few men are blessed with this wisdom. Thank God, I Am.

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