The fruits of paradise will no more be forbidden: The nicest thing about going to paradise is not just reclining on the beach with a cool glass of Vodka-laced pineapple juice, with a little umbrella at the edge of the ice-filled glass, ogling and fondling virgins; we have all that within reach while still we live. The nicest thing about paradise is the fruits of Paradise will no longer be forbidden nor jealously guarded by scowling Bouncer-Angels. Isn’t that good to know? A brotha will no more need to be tempted to take a bite of the apple, and he’s going to be popping all that cherry for free. I like temptations the temptation part of the process has it’s appeal, but all the apples, all the cherries, and whatnots for free, 100% discount, and no God looking over my shoulders is irresistible.

Now who wouldn’t like that? I like it? I want to go to paradise and I will do anything to pass that judgement day selection process. Now, I am made to understand that the stress-free way to get through the gate of paradise is to smuggle some explosive devices into some plane and detonating them, Blowing up your own ass alongside a lot of people’s into minced meat. Scary uh?, well it is scary. That is why I am not so keen on going down like that very soon. I am putting that off until I am as old as Methuselah, when I will be (perhaps) too old and too senile to get it up. I have always fancied going out blazing, but not while I got sap in me.

I tell you, the best of life and death is getting the best of both worlds. Too few people are aware of the possibility of having the best of two worlds. They go about life in perpetual abstinence and self-denial, leaving their wild oats unsowed, and saps untapped, hoping to be rewarded for their ignorance on a “last day”. Pooh. That’s not the way I do. I’m no righteous brotha, but I am no bigot neither: I love God, I love my neighbours, and I am sowing my wild oats- doing my very best to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth- while yet I live.

Life is all about balance. Creating balance can be a daunting feat, but Balance is not exactly rocket science. I have been able to achieve that feat like an expert tight rope walker. Having the best of two worlds is all about creating balance, and balance is achieved when the loads on both sides of the scale are equalised. Not, not mathematics, not exactly chemistry, but objectivity. Objectivity- objectivity in all things, especially religiousity means recognising the measure of your karmic load and equalising it with a counter weight of the same measure. Balancing Between the holy and the profane, the good and the bad, the bane and the wise, the dos and the don’ts.

Now back to paradise and the fruits of paradise. Know this, therefore, brethren, that you sow nothing, you reap nothing. If you haven’t sowed your wild oats while still you live, you reap no fruit in paradise when you’re gone. Blowing up your ass isn’t going to help. No jihad, no crusade, and no polgrom is going to get you anywhere near that tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. While still you live is the best of time to sow your oats and lay up for yourself treasures in heaven, or paradise, or Nirvana or Elyseum or the underworld, wherever you aim on going to after life. He that has an ear let him hear.

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