What benefit do you think the sharpener derive from obliging the pencil? Perhaps the sharpener is useless if not for the pencil that needs sharpening. So it is pointless for one to pretend it has no use for the other. Fulfilment takes two. Yes, it takes two.

I have drawn great inspirations from the art of sharpening pencils, to forge this new pick up line: we are still fine tuning it though. Here you go:

“hello lady, can you lend me your sharpener? My pencil is so blunt right now, I’m sure your sharpener will help”

There is no way the target won’t decode the message instantly unless you are in a classroom, or boardroom situation- in which a different meaning than what is insinuated may be derived. Therefore, do not try this iat school or at the office. But if the situation cannot be helped, that your target is situated in a classroom or boardroom, you may have to resort to sign language. What you do is insert an erect forefinger into a “O” made from the fold of the other hand, and make the push-and-pull motion.

In fact do not try this at all, until I’ve test-run, and proven it fail-safe. I’m still working on it and will let y’all know when I’m done. I start from the church this Sunday; next will be Monday in the bus, then a cafeteria on Tuesday; Wednesday will be at a shopping mall, on Thursday- a lounge, in the Night Club on Friday, and then the Gym on Saturday.

CAVEAT: if you’re going to work it, pick your target with great caution, and discernment. Avoid those wearing gold bands on their fourth fingers. Good Luck and Happy Hunting Brothas!


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