Big ass women are high maintenance, no plaything for a struggling Brotha. Except, perhaps, by special might or grace of the wind falling the apple unto his laps. My friend Bisi is a big ass woman, and I, struggling brotha, fear to make passes at her. Despite the fact that merely looking at those nice booties gives me the woody hard on everytime, I still could not summon the courage to ask Bisi out.

I could be humping another chick, but my staying power would be imagining Bisi’s Big Ass- especially the cleavage. Oh, how I long to take Bisi from behind. I could go on and on and on, huffing and puffing, smilling happily all the nine inch way, in and out, in and out, in and out, for an hour- no viagra, no red bull, no Alomo Bitters, just the sustained mental image of Bisi’s Mightily endowed ass on my mind. It is working for me like mega-hyper aphrodisiac. Even when I jack off, it is the mental image of Bisi’s voluptuous backside that keeps me going like a horny horse, but I want the real thing, oh God, I need to fuck Bisi, and from behind too. Hossanna be the day I will get to lay Bisi, but the fear of rejection is a fucking deterant to my manoevre.

If my fear of Big ass women is a good thing, like the beginning of wisdom, I do not know it. What you don’t know won’t hurt you ai? The absence of hurt is pleasure, yeah? But I still fear for my reputation, as regarding Bisi’s high level of Christian respect for me. All I know is that the deterant is an irritant keeping me back from a great discovery and accomplishment. I have never layed a big ass woman save in my wet dream and lascivious imagining.

Such ample ass as Bisi’s are the territory of money-miss-road aristos, or some highly endowed gigolo. I could be wrong though, and I will be glad to be proven wrong in this respect. However, the burning desire to plunge the whole almost-nine-inch of my dipper into Bisi’s simmering honey pot for a scoop, is a great motivation to hustle. I must make a whole bag of money, like those aristos, soon or die trying. I also must hone my casanova ouvre to improve my chance of getting spotted by a big ass sugar mummy. But how I hunger and thirst and yearn to take a big bite off Bisi’s tempting forbidden apple. How I yearn.



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