RMD said Aunty Linda Ikeji should go “and get a life.” She neither replied “no o!, mbanu!” nor said “yes, I do”. I guess it is because she got a fab life going for her already, since she has me in her life, as her fbboyfriend, and tweetheart.

If I were Uncle Richy, I will tell her to go and get a husband. Maybe that will make her say “yes I do” to me. With a hubby like me, Linda will get her arms full. Then she will be too busy to poke her pretty nose into other people’s N280 million home affairs.

Linda Ikeji’s blog (amebo blog that is) seem to cause vexation and angry attacks, born of envy and jealousy, from celebrities mostly Nollywoodian celebrities”. Many of them too dumb to run a successful blog like she does. Many don’t even know where the @ key is on the computer keyboard. All they can manage is pinging-ponging on the blackberrys and strutting as if they invented the silver screen.

I like Aunty Linda better than Nollywound people. Those people think they are a special breed, a race more superior to facebook and twitter celebs like Linda and I. Mtssschhewwwww. There are few amongst them I really really love and respect. I wish they will leave Nollywood for Ghollywood, or Bollywood or Hollywood or Yorubawood sef. I wish it, wallahi t’ Allahi: such bright and beautifull stars like Kate Henshshaw Nuttal- whom I still have a crush on since way back in the day of “When The Sun Sets”. Bimbo Akintola- who gives me a woody all the time, and a hug that day; MonaLisa Chinda- whom I can never stop to ogle; Stephanie Okereke- a Diva I will like to have as a siamese twin-sister in my next life (if karma allows).

Now this comes to me as a surprise that my Nollywood constellation comprises of mainly female stars. Well, I shouldn’t be surprise because RMD is the sole surviving favourite male star on my short list (Sam Loco Efe and Ashley Nwosu having gone up to join the stars of heaven) now RMD is going to disappoint me by fighting shamelessly with my sweetheart Linda Ikeji. I will delete him from my list if he don’t back down. RMD, this is a yellow card for you. The next sh!t that comes out of your banga-soup-eating-mouth, your ass gets fired.


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