Watching Niki Minaj do her thing is so exhilarating. It’s like having sex after a long dry spell. I like it. So is watching Rihanna these days, and Beyoncé sometimes. For the records, I am not exactly a voyeurist, I just like to ogle. I ogle if the thing of beauty is actually beautiful, not just a beauty that starts and end in the beholder’s eye. I watch Niki Minaj for the same reason folks will travel round or half the world to see the Mona Lisa.

Okay. Niki Minaj, Rihanna, and Beyoncé, none of these are exactly The Mona Lisa. None of these divas even come close. With their skimpy thongs and thangs, and the sensual-art oeuvres that get to strumming my heartstrings all the time, Venus De Milo is most like it. I am of the mind that sistahs are more beautiful in their birthday suits than in fig leaves or sheepskin. So to my mind, Niki Minaj is more eyesome than The Mona Lisa, so is Beyoncé beautiful, and my sister Rihanna too. But the mother of them all will be Lady Gaga; and Madonna, their Grandma.



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