Illuminati is a Renaissance term for “the enlightened”. The people who have left the allegorical cave of the Dark Ages of ignorance, and are now following The Light- are the Illuminati.

Lume is latin for light. The word “luminous” (full of Light) is English, borrowed from the Latin. To be illuminated is to be in the light- to be enlightened, illuminated, not in the dark, but in the light (spotlight, limelight etc)

Like the Holy Scriptures say “if ye are the children of Light, then walk in the light. For ye were sometime darkness but now are ye light in the ‘Kyrios’- (Lord) “walk as Children of Light.” Our Lord did say that “… I am the Way The Truth and THE LIGHT”.

To be illuminated, therefore, is to be in the light. We could safely say we are enlightened because we walk in the light. We follow the light, we follow The Kyrios. The Bright Morning Star, the harbinger of greater illumination.

If ye are in Christ, therefore, Little Children, ye are ‘Illuminati’. The truth is always a hard nut to crack, but if one has got a strong head, cracking The Truth is a cinch. The only fear of condescending to crack open that nut of truth is the thought of what people think of your overtures.

I know of great many Good Christian folks, My Dear Mother inclusive, who will be among the firsts to cast stones at me if I told them that Jesus was not a Christian but an Illuminated One; and that he never founded a religion, but fostered Illuminati Principles. But I am not going to say that openly. I will not offend people’s beliefs, not my Ignorant-By-choice Mother’s Belief. She is a worthy example of a Good Faithful Christian. Talking about Faith and Truth, it will be an exercise in futility if reason is not considered in the discourse.

Faith, I hear, is the evidence of things hoped for, the substance of things not seen. What I take away from this aphorism is what comes to the glaring light that truth metaphorically walks a tight rope between faith and Reason. Now, that is quiet a stunt great many will fail at. Now that the stunt will fail, not if the tight rope snaps, but if faith or reason should shift grounds. Now this may seem a little sticky, but it is all we have to chew on if faith is sandwiched between “evidence and “substance”.

If the truth is blindfolded, we can still be confident that the tight-rope stunt will succeed unless there is a foul play from one or the twain of Faith and Reason.



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