I know women whose idea of being a wife is opening the legs for the man, and milking him dry of his sap, his senses, and his purse. This is kin to the things whores do. Don’t you think that makes some wives whores? Now some whores have more virtues than wives. I can prove it. The whore hustles the man for money, and usually, nothing more. The man may lose his sap and his senses in the mix, but that would be up to him. But not so the wife who feels she owns the man together with all of his assets- sap, wallet and senses. This way the wife sees the man as a treasure throve to be plundered and looted without dirtying her hands. The whore would mine the gold deposit, digging for it and getting her hands dirtied in the process. Having done that, she takes what her fair due is. The whore mostly get fucked by the man. That way the man gets a deal too.

In the middle is the concubine. The concubine is neither looked up to as a wife, neither is she looked down on as a whore. With the concubine, the man calls the shots. He take what he will, and gives back out of his will. If I was a man, I would prefer the concubine to either the wife or the whore. One reason I can give for this is that there is the tendency of the whore becoming wife, if she is not already some other man’s wife. And the wife, you never know if she is some other man’s whore. With the concubine, you can be rest assured to be on top of the game.



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