Koinonia is a Greek word which means “fellowship”. Mwaki is the Swahili equivalent of Koinonia. The essence of the Koinonia or Mwaki is the gathering of the tribe around the communal fire. Mwaki is a system where no one person is left out in the cold. In the Koinonia it is one for all and all for one. It was in Koinonia condition The Holy Spirit descended on the apostles of Christ in the Christian History book of The Acts. It is high time this ideal is realize in our contemporary human community.

There is nothing that distresses me more than to see the principle of Ego (every man for himself and God for every man) being enacted in a family or group. This seem to be very rampant amongst urban dwellers, and it makes me feel like an alien amongst people I call family and friends. Maybe I am the alien afteral, since I have spent greater part of my growing up days among pastoral folks, and in the countrysides.

Pastoral folks are special walk of men. They are so transparent, you could see their bigger-than-ego hearts beating within their breasts. It is evident that their blood is so red is shows golden, as it courses through their vein. They are the kinda Good People that makes a great Nation, those pastoral folks. In their communities, everyone is his brother’s keeper. Everyone lives for everyone, and they look up to God, who looks back down at them with pleasure. They care for the children, and the children are humble and obedient to the parents. In those communities, there is respect for age and gender. Everyone knows there place in the family, in the community, in the world and in the great system of things. There is affinity to nature- the trees, the grasses, the animals, and elementals are respected and accorded their spaces. There is little wonder that the sun shines brighter, and the climate is clement. The grasses are green, the birds sings more melodiously in pastoral settings. The Roses never forget to be red, and the Violets are blue as one would expect. The children go to school; trees are their books, the Muses are their tutors. They take notes on the tablets of their hearts. Those folk live beyond the primordial curse of three-score-and-years of Man’s allotted life span. The life of rural folks is an enviable life. I am sure the creator- whether God or Nature, intends for man to live this way- In a Koinonia.

But life begins to get nasty, brutish and short in the urbanity. in the concrete jungles of the urbane cities, there are no communities only gangs, and roaming bandits. There are no families, though people live together or near each other. A mother and child are mere familiar strangers, who strive for what they can get of the bread won by the struggling father. The competition is never a healthy one. Urbane people resort to abusing each other- fathers raping daughters, children beating up their mothers, siblings bullying each other. The life is Brutish. People take to abusing substances to help them cope with the brutishness they have foisted upon themselves. Parents divorce or a spouse walks away, abandoning the familia. The vestiges of family values are used up like toilet papers and never restored. Nobody cares to care if there is a God, or heaven. Their pastors who were ordained to forster the Pastoral living principles are wolves in sheep clothing. They are so steeped in ego that all thing bright and beautiful Like God, and poetry, are crowded out. In their search for meaning, they make bling-blings and resort to hard metals for music. The life is nasty. Children runaway from home, their pet animals soon become strays and road kills. There is no time to greet a neighbour and ask after his or her health and the well-being of the other’s family most don’t ever get to know who their neighbours are. Their short attention span is fully concentrated on the haters and beefs. The life is shortened.

I have been inculcated with a different set of values- the Mwaki. I have held on tenaciously to the tenets of The Koinonia . I know the world will need it someday. Then will I be able to share. I think that time has come. The time for social reform, and intellectual renaissance. We have lived the dark life for far too long that we don’t know what it is like to walk in the light. It time the light is come.


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