It is in the reports that the World Health Organization (WHO) has purportedly issued specified guidelines for making abortion safe.

The following is the news as reported by Madu Onuorah et al; in The Guardian online news resource.

WHO issues safe abortion guidelines.

‘How to reduce cross-infections’

WORRIED about the rising cases of unsafe abortions due to unwanted pregnancies especially in developing nations such as Nigeria, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has released technical and policy guidance on the issue for health systems.

The WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research yesterday said it updated its first publication in 2003 in view of the need for evidence-based best practices for providing safe abortion care in order to protect the health of women.

According to the WHO, despite advances in health technologies, an estimated 22 million abortions continue to be performed unsafely each year, resulting in the death of an estimated 47 000 women and disabilities for an additional five million women.

The WHO document: “Safe abortion: technical and policy guidance for health systems,” noted that almost every one of these deaths and disabilities could have been prevented through sexuality education, family planning, and the provision of safe, legal induced abortion and care for complications of abortion.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health, Prof. Onyebuchi Chukwu, has said that improved hand hygiene practice would boost reduction in the high rate of cross-infections.

He stressed the significance for change in behaviour and attitude in the general population towards visible and invisible germs which prompt illness.

Speaking yesterday in Abuja at a national hand hygiene event, Chukwu who was represented by the Head, Family Health department, Dr. Bridget Okoeguale said that global hand hygiene efforts reduce associated infection and patient safety.

Chukwu noted that the theme: ‘Promoting hand hygiene, protecting national health and improving productivity,’ was a strategic direction towards qualitative, accessible and affordable healthcare.

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