NONCHALANCE AT ANOMALY was why Dana Plane Crashed, killing hundreds of people, in Lagos recently. We- both the living and the dead, are responsible for the disaster abetted by low mental aptitude to safety, and nonchalance.

I just want to punch at somebody each time I reflect on the recent plane Lagos crash. Reckless carnage, the hapless waste of lives and properties was one monstrous disaster . Certain deaths are avoidable, and can be postponed. But here, we die, we die before our time. We die by installments from environmental pollution. We die from road accidents for the disrepair state of our roads. Some took to air to preserve their lifes- despite the cost, but they die there too.

Everywhere, and every way, Life is cut short, dreams and aspirations truncated, hope of friends and family dashed, life expectancy shortened and getting shorter. Somebody has to be responsible for this. Not the good God, not the innocent Devil, but man. That punny critter- Man. That man whose prayer is “god dey”, “whose maxim is “e go better”, “that lying religious leader, that moron of a government official, and your gullible self, are responsible for this needless waste. Though you will pay in your blood that will also be spilled on a potholed-highway, or your flesh will be burnt in the next plane crash soon, and your bones will be broken under collapsed buildings, and health that will be taken away by sickness and disease, but you will still go to hell for your ignorance and low mental-aptitude.

We just want to get from point A to point B. How we get there, and in what condition we get there is immaterial.
The plane fell out of the Lagos sky. Her twin engines had chosen that crucial moment to go into needed retirement. How can this be? If not that the ancient plane was being flown on a single engine, that was itself, the worse for wear. The pilot knew it. The crew knew it. The ground technicians they knew it. The marketing manager knew it, the directors of the airline company knew it. The government supervisors knew it. The passengers got inkling of it, but the thought the could manage- he has always managed- making-do in a country of abundance. Now the passenger is dead, the pilot and crew also are dead, the technicians and owners and supervisors are going to get it too- waiting in the wings for their turns.

Are we not such cavemen in this country? Savages, ignorant savages. See the way the mass of people converged on the scene of the Dana Plane Crash, doing more damage than good in the bid to salvage the situation. Even if the National Emergency Management people had moved their ass swiftly, they would never have arrived in time for rescue operations. The crowd of mopping ignoramus was so large, so tightly packed that it required a earth-mover to clear a path through the throng. And of course the earth-moving machine will need diesel to run, as well as the operator will demand a bribe to operate it. Diesel has to be source from the black market, and amount for bribe has to has haggled until all party arrived at a compromise. And we do lotsa compromising too.

It always turn out like this. This is why I hypothesized that if the citizenry should be informed on the basics of emergency ethics and response, more lives will be saved during disasters. The crowd could be efficiently mobilized if the mass had had knowledge of emergency response, otherwise they’ll constitute nuisance, posing greater challenge to the rescue workers. An that was the case when the plane crashed on a street in Lagos.

However, imagine a country where things work: where there is electricity, and news reporting was swift and effective, won’t the greater bulk of the mass be observing the incidence from TV, Radio, and internet from the comfort of their homes, clearing the scene of emergency for the rescue workers? But this is not the case. Folks had to witness the news first hand; friends and relative of victims have to converge on the scene from all over the country to confirm the well-being of their people who may, or may not have been involved in the crash. Even those who might not have their people on that flight still have to confirm the list of passengers and victims firsthand through body count.

This is a very unfortunate development for any country in this 21st century. We hope things get better for us, as a people. Both leaders and the led must begin to wake up to their responsibilities. We must all begin to do the right thing when it is right to do it.


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