1. Do, when your girlfriend says “don’t”, and don’t when she says “stop”.

2. Don’t you never say “gee” to you wife, or girlfriend. She may put a string on that, and you’ll be in trouble if she’s not wearing a G-string.

3. If a lady catches you ogling her cleavage, just introduce yourself, tell her you are Stephen Wanda. You’ll be forgiven.

4. To win an argument with a feminist, start to “oink-oink”, that is saying much in few words. They know all men are pigs.

5. Men work in animal husbandry, and Grooms work in stables. But the women folks don’t know this. It is a secret you must never reveal to your date (your female date).

6. If you wandered into the Ladies, and a female accost you, just cross your eye and start to drool, she’ll get the message.

7. You know jack, but you can never know Victoria’s Secrets. It is Woman’s Secret and you never know with woman. Never think you do.

8. Find a better excuse than “I was working late”, the ladies can smell rats. Your wife will sniff you out.

9. Even if you know jock, don’t ever think you know victoria’s secret. Even if you say, you don’t know jack.

10. When you’re going to say “Bitch” silence the “B” and just say “eish”. Less said, the sooner mended.


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