I could have simply said “like a Dog chasing its own tail”, but I said “Like a bitch chasing her own tail”.

As soon as I clicked send, I knew I have goofed big time. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is a dear friend, a sistah I loved, a woman whose friendship I cherished and treasured like mine own heart. But I knew I have lost it as soon as I uttered those taboo words to her.

Now Poetic license is like a knife. You can creatively use it, you can also abuse it. I am guilty of the later. You can really cut your own throat as an abuse of knife. I didn’t quite get to that, but the way I have abused the poetic license could be deemed worse than cutting my own throat with a knife.

We were just jerking around, philosophizing, like we were ancient Greeks, and we drifted into the forbidden area of feminism. We kept arguing back and fort, back and forth, back and forth. She was getting bored, I was getting excited- this was the only difference- otherwise, we were in agreement that anything in skirt is smarter than any thing in pants.

She observed that we were just going round and round and getting nowhere very fast in the banter. And wanted to stop, but I wasn’t done. I should have chosen my next words carefully, but before you can say “jerk” I have dropped the bombshell “like a bitch chasing her own tail”. Not even my mother, who thinks the heaven of me, could have forgiven my verbal indiscretion that time or evermore.

She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named seems to have put that fuckup behind her, even while I am still kicking my own ass for my chauvinistic idiocy. This goes to tell all you doubters that not “a dog is…”, but “a woman is a Man’s best friend.

It is time, therefore, for a social, political, philosophical and poetic realignment for Men. Men should stop being such pigs; and the sistahs should try harder to seduce us away from the wallows. Men are capable of decent thoughts and clean talks. I have just proved it by not using such taboo words as “bitch”, “fuck” or “shit” in this blog post. This is quite a feat by Homo Sapiens standards.



  1. Nothing comes close to a man who is able to own up when he errs. Nice. next time trt not to mention those words for real in your blog… I will resist the temptation to re-mention them here.


  2. Women have routinely flung ‘pig’, ‘idiot’, ‘shameless dog’ at me and nothing happened. But I’m forced to remove ‘biyach’ from my vocab once a fair one has a slightest chance of hearing, the appropriateness of the use notwithstanding. E no fair o…


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