During the middle passage, she was pinging away on her BlackBerry. While I huff and puff, and humph, bearing the weight of my payload back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. All that wouldn’t have bothered me at all, but for two things:

Firstly- the irritating beeps from her BlackBerry, that was rather too frequent and too loud, mingling with the “slip-slurp-slap sound from her RedCherry, turned me off. I mean, ‘off’ like flicking a light switch and everything becoming dark and glummy. The gripe was cutting into my concentration. I was trying to stay on course for more than the meager 5 minutes most quickies last.

Secondly- OMG, I am so peeved with this one; it really got my goat, I was so miffed I nearly had a seizure. This is unforgivable; it is a sin more grievous than the original one: SHE FORGOT TO FAKE A ORGASM.

She could have at least given a brotha that sense of accomplishment. It was a big fart waste: the time, the effort and the hard-earned money doled out before I could even get it on. This is sinful. Very sad and unforgivably sinful.


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