TV ads: They blind you from the truth. TV ad is the new opium of the people. They mess up your head and suck your brains out. Stuffing crap in the hollowed out space. Well not all ads are haram per se, but advertising medicine in Media should be outlawed. It is not kosher at all. Ain’t shit.

Do not on your life do Ad drugs. They mess your licking taste bud, fuck your kissing breath, and generally make sure the debilitating symptoms persist after three days when, they advice, you go see a physician or die from fever. The Nurses, and Doctor conspire to scold you for staying that long before seeking help in their glorified slaughter house of Clinics. They admit you for malaria, you graduate with Anaemia, yellow fever, typhoid, or HIV if you were lucky to leave alive.

They strap you to their bed-bugs-ridden bed as if you were some loon that needed to be in Bedlam. Instead of Life Support, they connect you to sachet of mosquito-Lava-inhabited “pure water” in the name of IV. They deflate your bum-bum poking syringes into it creating more arseholes than necessary.

You will do well to stay away from Ad drugs, it is the beginning of certain wisdom. Don’t give no fuck if folks say you are retarded, after all it’s no news.
I think Gov BRF should fire every thumb-sucking, dick-head Medical staff in Lagos. They are all heartless morons. They don’t treat, they only cure the shit out of you till you become afraid to ever take ill again. That is if you don’t leave the hospital in an hearse.


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