I wonder why bad things like cancer, malignant tumor and bad friends happen to good people. Here, there are some answers and few questions. It’s really baffling. I can say I have been lucky, so far, to have escaped the fatal clutch of cancer or a tumor. But I have had something worse than cancer or tumour: A BAD FRIEND.

It was one of those friendships that begins with a spark. We met we sync, and we became inseparable (I meant that metaphorically, so don’t you be thinking we were joined at the hips all the time). Come to think of it now, we were not in love by any means. We liked each other and we connected both intellectually and sensually, and that is not exactly love. Though I had mistaken it for Love (you know, like an error in diagnosis). It was all wrong satan couldn’t have committed something that erroneous in thought and indeed. LOVE IS GOOD, IF YOU ARE BLIND.

The supposed love went sour in no time. She pushed me away when I couldn’t keep up the phone sex. She had problems with me relating to other people. She even called me “homosexual!” openly when I told a friend I love him and that he inspire me. She accused me of hating my race when I relate with my white friends more freely that with her. When I can’t comment on her post or chats fast enough she accuse me of being with some other women. When she can’t get me on the phone, or when I wouldn’t talk loud enough it is that I am fucking some woman. WHO’S BAD?

She accused me of not satisfying her (sensually) and she got some other guy, and I went on to connect with someone else who’s more humane. She blocked me. Another time she unblocked me and started castigating me. She has gone round sending inbox messages to my female friends that I am scamming them into falling for me. She would have gotten to you if she knows we are very close. IT WAS REALLY UGLY.

Hurt? Yes, I am! But I have learnt a lot about people and squandering affections on them. Only a few (paltry few) deserve it. The moral is “YOU DON’T PUT BLINGS ON PIGS”, even electronically.


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