If there ever is a “sin” that can so easily beset a man, it is sex. But this is no sin… I know, I know, don’t tell me, I know what the holy books say- they say “thou shalt not have sex”.

If there can be an hindrance to a pilgrim’s progress, it will be sense: that is our perception of things that are not sins as if they were.

The greatest of all saving graces for the survival of the human specie, is sexuality. There is no other way to be fruitful and multiply to fill the earth.

Are you asking me why the population of The Earth is scanty, and The Face of The Earth remains 1/3 filled? The answer is basic (nothing Banal) WE HAVE NEGLECTED OUR PRIMORDIAL RESPONSIBILITY. We shirk our divinely-inspired mandate and we make pathetic (fig leaves of) excuses to cover our arses.

We tagged sex, sinful- and make decrees against it, that sex become a deed done in the dark and behind closed doors away from probing eyes.

We shy from what makes sense- we tear down the edifice of common sense and in its stead we pursue the erection of faiths- towers of babel hoping to reach God quicker that way.

The art os sexuality is proscribed in the human society. The fine art is deemed “shameful” and punishable by alienation. Making hypocrites of folks.

The “being and naughtiness” of the homo-sapiense specie is the sheer reason their evolution has stalled. The wheel of karma has since stopped turning, only God’s mill go on grinding slowly, slowly, ever so slowly. This is not the way progress is made.

As Man now is, God once was, and as God now is, Man will become (if and only if, our evolutionary progress is fast tracked. And pace in Sex, Sense And Sexuality is made.


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