When I look at Nowadays Boys, I see myself. The good, the bad and the ugly aspects of skirt-chasing.

The good news is that boys are worth their weights in pure gold for their resourcefulness. I think boys should be earning 6-figure wages for the time, energy, and audacity expended in the endless chase of the fairsex.

The down side of this is that we are no better than dogs chasing after cars they will never get to ride. The chase is all the fun there is, the kill (even when we hit “bull’s eye”) is of no consequence. Isn’t that wastefulness?

Now the ugly side of skirt chasing is non-existent. What can be ugly about chasing after those pretty thing? Besides wine and songs, which is recommended by many a holy writs, ‘Women’ is a trophy which brings a sense of euphoria when won. Isn’t such lofty ideals worth pursuing. Even if one can only touch the helm of the garments, one will find fulfillment.

Be The foregoing as it may, I am put off by such quixotic manner boys of nowadays go making sacrilege of the fine art of Skirt-Chasing. I think it is sinful, such usurpation of the ordained natural order of things. I cannot elaborate in details what these boys do, it is too sinful to contemplate.

I feel like coming out of retirement, to teach these incompetent boys some useful life lessons in Skirt-Chasing. I wish I am not born again. Well, someday, I am going to write my memoir. I only hope Boys Of Nowadays will stop, for once, in there heedless chase to read. I will write, all the same, then I will have fulfilled my own righteousness. So help me God!


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