What’s with short skirts and sexiness? There are sistahs who believed they they start to look, feel, act, and think sexy, therefore they are sexy, when they’re sporting short skirts. While I hold strongly to my viewpoint that the sistahs look most sexy in their birthday suits, I will concede to a knee-lenght evening gown, or a ankle-length dinner dress anytime. I like my gifts wrapped, nicely, and with ribbons too.

Now the only women I have ever thought sexy in short skirts are those tennis-playing queens: Venus, Serena, Maria, to name but three. Man, them gurls- they smoking hot. And I likes them so, but I never get to see them in those revealing flimsy garments off the tennis court. This is painful, but it’s alright, I always survive the tourney.

There is Tayo; the only other girl I think is sexy in a short skirt. But I have not seen her in those sexy shorty thingys for more than once. Somebody must have told her that short skirts make her look like a young lady just reaching puberty. The short skirt actually looked great on Sistah Tayo, but did not flatter her pint size stature.

Neither did a short skirt worked for Funmi. Now Funmi is a 6 feet plus standing, slim diva, with the prettiest face I ever done seen nicely poised atop that lofty height. That day, (I’m sure it was her Short Skirt Day, or she was giving me a ogling treat- which I am grateful for) I could see the inviting Red, hot, tempting-to-touch Vee where those long legs meet, further up the skirt, each time she cross or un-cross those sexy legs. I could still see those panties when I stood very close to Funmi for a parting hug that evening of St. Valentine’s Day at her crib. I got over it quickly, and I formed the opinion that a killer short skirt don’t work for a very tall chic like my delectable Funmi of the gorgeous legs. This is for the sheer reason that I still prefer my gifts wrapped, especially St. V-Day Love Gifts.

Dear Sistah, “as a MAN thinketh in HIS heart so HE is”, is clearly not the same thing as, “as a WOMAN thinketh in HER heart, so SHE is”. There is a slight difference though but it won’t work. So if you ‘Think Therefore You Are’ sexy donning a shorty-skirty-thingy, you might just be wrong. You walk, talk and Stalk in a short skirts don’t make you any more sexy that your birthday suit already made you.

If you won’t stop playing with my tender heart, I will compliment you well, because I love you when you do things to me. Sexy things.


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