Time is limited and life is short. There is so much to do and very little time. Spending moments of your life on the wrong people, places and things is virtually like casting your pearls at the swine; The value of such gesture is lost on them. V. C. Andrews wrote in her book “Dawn” that it is a waste to love people who have no use of you. I have committed this nugget to heart ever since, but I have just now begun to mind what people I want to be around, what places I want to spend my time in, and what things I want to give my thoughts to.

I want to be around children, to live in the world of a child, and give my thought to such simple things as the kingdom of heaven. In essence I will rather listen to a child- out of whose 100 words I could take 99- than listen to a preacher- out of whose 100 words I could hardly find one modicum of truth; to spend my valuable time in such place as Inward than such places as ‘this mountain’ or that ‘temple’ where the broadway leads; and to possess such things as wisdom and sell them not for whatever gain in the world.



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