I always get nostalgic feelings listening to love songs. The feelings are so heart-rending that I always, always, always, want to cry; sometimes though I come to tears, like right now. I am listening to Good Old Shania Twain’s FOR EVER AND FOR ALWAYS.

I could have written all that beautiful love song, but I have long given up on love poetry to save my fragile heart. Now Shania Twain done caught up with me, reopening the old wound of my broken heart just when it’s St. Valentine Eve. Shall I ever hide from the Muse? How come my shield isn’t stopping any of Cupid’s arrows? I want reprieve, but who gets any from love?

I miss something and it feels like amputation. I know amputation when my throbbing heart got ripped out of my breast. I lost it. No other has fit in the gapping hole since then. I have given up on the Muse’s ministration, it’s all tease and no ease; all flirt and flitting. Many a man’s been lucky in love, but not I. I still hurt and hurt bad.

I could use some balm for this wound being opened again by this love song. Somebody, help me out here! The balm needs a sensuous heart to lovingly rub it all in. It’s time to heal again. Let the love song play on. I’m getting stuck on you, Sweet Balm o’ Gilead, “I am keeping you forever and for always” Forever and for always.



  1. It seem as if u re talkin abt me.I ve pains 2 bt somhw I learn 2 let go and let love.look around u. U ve so much luv bt u can only see it if you learn 2 love urself


    • Of all d commodities on sales,love is d most stupid bt precious gift 2 said dat evry thing has a price,bt dis precious gift is priceless bt dangerous.d sweetnes, drawin u into d riva of thought and touch,so cunnin wth pain dat it pierces tru the very essence of d heart.


    • Life takes away those dat re precious 2 us,somtimes its death,somtimes its distances,somtimes its d mistakes we mak and den we ask questions lik:y did he die?y did he ve 2 go dat far?y did we let luv slip away 4rm our hands bt den we move on holdin on 2 d gud memories our luv 1ce left behind


  2. My heart burns lik a wild fire,it lonliness widen lik d wind tru d valley,with tears which falls 4rm both my eyes and heart,I whisper I mis u 2 d sky, hopin u wld hear me 4rm among d stars bt silence u remain.10yrs gone and yet it seem lik yesterday.try 2 b hapi and move on,u ve alwyz told me bt each step I tak 2wards alwys turnout 2 b a I m far away 4rm being loved bt yet it wnt 2 luv som1.I wish u re still here.


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