’11 was a good year. It is not the best year we’ve seen, but the year is the one that has taught me one of the most useful lessons of my 3 decades here. it had it’s low points: when I lost trust; when I lost friends, when I lost love; when I lost my manuscript; and when I lost heart.

I have gained a lot. You don’t know what lessons I have learnt this last year: I have learnt to keep a back up for everything, even Love. okay, you really can’t back up on love. I have learnt also to not take things for granted. To not write people off, and to make allowances for people’s shortcomings; and that no one person is really holier than another. We all play Saints and Sinners, reversing the roles every once in a while.

I am looking forward to this new year. I wish for more ups than downs. And I will make the effort to play the part of Saint. I have played Sinner for far too long I am edge the devil out of business. That’s not fair play in my book. I want to play fair too. I look forward to a better year.

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